Technology and social justice

I grew up without any computer in schools and it amazes me the change that happened since then. Baby fiddling with mother’s iPhone, kids’ in trance with mobile device and forgetting rest of the world.
I think it is urgent to teach children about technology as a tool to help their life and not get consumed by it.

As social justice point, we can not forget about the digital divide: haves and have nots. Technology is great in schools, but very single students have access to it at home? Or can they afford to access it? I think this divide will become wider and wider until the advancement of technology and consumerism stop, and that my never happen. So is it fair?

When I watched the video of the seventh grade student’s science project with technology, it made me think that she must be wealthy and her family can afford her personal computer. I wondered how her classmates and her community are like. Perhaps, she is in the well established community with well equipped school.

Of course, technology gives us so many positive possibilities for teaching and becoming activists for social justice. WWW connects us to anywhere in the world and we can provide support to the other side of globe from our home. We can become a part of global citizenship and contribute in anyway that our imagination will expand.

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