Movie and Social Justice Lesson

Lately, I have been thinking about ways to connect social justice issues with younger students. And I came across with movie “Babe” on TV this morning. I have watched this movie many times before and it touches me every time, so I watched it again.

But something different about watching it this morning was that suddenly I saw the opportunity to talk about social justice issues surround us that reflected in this film.

Farms animals think they have their own destiny and they say it is just the way it is, pigs are supposed to be this way and that way, and so on. I wondered what children would say if we could think each animals as human and living in diverse community like ours. Are we suppose to just accept the way things are, or what can we do with our life?
Babe (the pig) tries his best that he can be, he tries to become a ‘sheep dog’ in his own way. He cannot run fast or bark to scare sheep like a dog, but he accepts who he is and asks sheep to work with him instead.

I thought we can talk about ability, race and diversity, privilege and equity, self-identity, etc with my future students using this movie.

It would be interesting to see what kind of teaching opportunity we can find by watching movies.

1 thought on “Movie and Social Justice Lesson”

  1. I love the analogy that you made between Babe and various social justice issues that could be discussed in the classroom. Students would connect well with a lesson like this. I have also found that I view movies with a more critical lens because of the perspectives that I’ve gained in certain Ed classes.

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