REthinking – my autobiography

As I read back what I wrote, I realized that I left out the part of my family.
Although I believe my family shaped who I am as a person and I love them dearly; however, I didn’t mention about them. So I wondered why?

Perhaps I feel guilty that I have not been back to Japan often enough to visit them.
Perhaps I feel I am finally a whole person without my family backing me up.
Perhaps I don’t want to be judged by my family experiences or lack of it.
Perhaps my cultural habit, talking about family proudly is something that is considered not modest in our culture.

Ever since I lived in Fort Qu’Appelle, I have seen the disparity among families in town.
“Haves” and “have-nots” are clearly marked and children knows it, and it is very sensitive matter.
Yes, “family” is very sensitive matter because it is in your core, built your base and it makes you.
It comforts and protects you.

But family also can be harmful. It can bring shame and reputation because of the family sometimes.

Perhaps I did not mention about my family in my autobiography because I was not brave enough to unpack my family experiences yet.
Maybe soon…

2 thoughts on “REthinking – my autobiography”

  1. I appreciate the honesty and clarity in your post, Eriko! I wish you all the best in continuing to view your personal viewpoints and experiences in a critical way.

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