This picture shows us not to be afraid or feel ashamed to apologize.
It shows that mistakes happen in life and we should accept that.
But be sincere and apologize for the mistakes or wrongs.
Because the other will accept your apology and forgive you with a kind smile.

How many time have you been told to say just say sorry and did so as a kid? How many time have you told any kids to say sorry to end the fuss?

If we have the value of apologize like in this picture, perhaps we can make something negative into positive learning experience.

3 thoughts on “Apologize”

  1. Apologies are important. Especially as teachers. When we make a mistake or if we do something “wrong,” we should be held to the same standards as our kids. We should apologize, and hopefully, the one (or ones) we wronged will forgive us and move on to make a better learning environment for all.

  2. I also think we need to rethink the concept of pride. Too many adults and youth view apologizing as failure and not as a learning opportunity. They become to invested in self image thinking that apologizing will forever alter their destiny. I agree that we should be held to the same standards and admit our mistakes and genuinely apologize if we as educators make a mistake. Like Claire said those can be the most valuable teaching opportunities.

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