Rules vs. Beliefs

After yesterday’s lecture and readings, I decided to talk about rules and beliefs in the classroom.

I have been involved in schools, classrooms and children’s camps for long time now and I always believed in establishing classroom/camp rules and expectations. Because my observations and experiences taught me that without any rules and expectation, kids will walk all over us, adults, and we lose control of them.
Miss Night said in her blog,

“A child’s dignity, privacy, self-respect are no less real or important or valid, than mine. When I undermine a children’s privacy and dignity, I do damage to their relationships: with their peers, with me, and with themselves.
Yes, behaviour charts can create a classroom full of raised hands, quiet voices, walking feet, please-and-thank-yous.
But a child’s dignity is too high a price to pay for criss-cross-apple source.”
After I read the tweet post, then the lecture, I started to see the different sides to the rules and expectations I had for students.

Perhaps it shows that I don’t trust my students’ will to be good. It is like I expect them to fail to be good without any rules set out or rewards to fish them in the direction I want.
Perhaps it shows that I am trying to build a controlled environment where I am in charge, that is not trusting relationships with students to build a community.

These things are something that I wanted to avoid, yet, I could have done just that without thinking about it.

I shall discuss beliefs with my students and make into treaty, shared promises. The promises to build good relationships, community of learning with respect and dignity.


3 thoughts on “Rules vs. Beliefs”

  1. Eriko, I always love reading your posts because you are so open about your beliefs when they are challenged, strengthened, or changing. You are also willing to say you don’t know how you feel about something yet. Thanks for inspiring me to be more open about my thoughts in my future blog posts!

    1. Thanks Rachel, I really appreciate your complement because I really admire you as my colleague and I think you inspire us all.
      This blog posting has been good for me to open up and reflect on many things that I have put aside. Thanks again

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