Who’s Standard Is It Anyways?

As I thought about standard all week, it came to me that I do strive living with standards. What really matter is that I have my standard set for myself and it is not curved in stone. It shifts and changes as I change. What I think it is standard does not mean it is for you and I think that is OK.

However, it becomes problematic to use government’s = majority’s standard for all people, especially students.

So, I decided to look into the definition of standard in Oxford Dictionary. And there it was, the problem of standardization for students.


I don’t know if you can see inside of pink box, but it said:

  • Used or accepted as normal or average:
  • 1.1(Of a size, measure, design, etc.) regularly used or produced; not special or exceptional:

So by using the standardized education initiated by the government, we are producing ‘normal’ ‘not special or exceptional’ students.

But if we, as teachers, have high standard of what education is like for children…
if our standard was to believe in anti-oppressive education and holistic approach in assessment…
Perhaps it is time for us, educators, to stand up for our standards, not the government initiative.


2 thoughts on “Who’s Standard Is It Anyways?”

  1. I think it is great that you looked up the definition of “standard”. The result shocks me because of the fact that it says that it refers to something that is not special or exceptional. As future teachers, we obviously believe that our students are all special and deserve to be respected. How do you think we can ensure that students feel special and extraordinary if standardized tests become consistent in our classrooms?

    1. Good question… if we teach students different ways of knowing and learn to accept the differences in daily base, and if we celebrate the diversity of students and communities, perhaps we can tell students that test is one of the many ways to know about them but not the only way when we do have to conduct standardized test in our practice…

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