New Year, New Beginning

The year 2014 rushed by my like a horse for me, considering it was the year of horse.Horse-03

I was pregnant, juggled classes and part-time job as after school program coordinator. Fortunately, I was one happy and healthy mom to be, enjoying every moment of busy life. Then came June 7th. I gave birth to a beautiful and healthy girl. I was changed into a mother from a student.

Motherhood, has been wonderful and rewarding. However, it is not as easy as I thought it would be. It is a big adjustment from living my own selfish life to devoting your life to the complete different personality. I now have whole new appreciation toward mothers out there and I am very thankful for them. As well, I became more appreciative toward each individuals for being different and being who they are.

Being a mother, though, brought new way of thinking toward education: now I have mother’s perspectives. What I want my daughter to learn in school is maybe different from what I thought I wanted to teach in school as as educator.

As an educator, I was excited to use technology in my classroom and to communicate with families and community. I imagined about giving some homework require using technology. There were so many inspirations out there.

However, as a mother:
I want my daughter to have basic skills, and have as many experiences as possible.
I want her to be global citizen, learn to live and be friends with others corporately.
So the use of technology is going to help her tremendously becoming  global citizen, but I don’t want her to be plug-in 24/7. Perhaps, using technology both at school and at home would be too much. (I read: “Why Steve Jobs Didn’t Let His Kids Use iPads (And Why You Shouldn’t Either”)

I want to know what my daughter does at school, so I want her teacher to have blog or some online page to post information of her class.
I want to see some photo and video of her learning on it, but her privacy must be protected.
I want to connect with her teacher in concise way. Face to face would be necessary but emails and instant messaging would be great.

I guess I want my daughter to have less exposure to technology, but I want to use it for my convenience. Really selfish ideas I have…

So I am starting my 2015 with ECMP355.
Using technology has enable me to take this class at the comfort of home with my baby, and I am ever thankful for that.
I look forward creating new circle of my PLC with ECMP355.
I hope I can find good balance in using technology in classroom and at home as well.

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