Personal Learning Project – Journey of becoming a great photographer Week 1

For many years there have been few different things I always wanted to learn and be better at: playing guitar and taking beautiful, cool photographs.
To help my ambition, my husband had bought me a DSLR (Digital Single-lens Reflex) camera and a guitar for my Christmas gifts in the past. Yet, I have not really taken any initiative to learn them. So when this class started, I was kind of excited to start this project; however, which one?

I have had this Canon Rebel T3 for over 5 years and only thing I’ve been doing is point and shoot. I experimented on my own without reading the manual for all these time, and that has given me médiocre results. Now I have beautiful daughter as my model, I better be a great photographer for the sake of capturing her precious life!
Plus, I don’t think can practice my guitar while holding her… maybe later.

To start my project, I Google searched about my camera first. And here are the result.
I hope I will know a whole at better about my own camera.


  1. Cheat Sheet
  2. For Dummies
  3. YouTube videos

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