History of Edtech

As I reflect on the lecture on Jan. 27, I thought about technology we had as a student in 1980s – 1990s. As well, how much technology used in school has changed in past decade, what I have seen since 2000.

We did not have computer in school, I used Word-processor to type and print for a couple of times in high school. I felt so special just typing… because I always wrote manually.
There were no internet connection at school either. I didn’t know about internet until 2000.

We were not to use calculator at school at all. There were charts at the end of textbooks and we manually calculated everything.

We listened to vinyl records, then cassette tapes, eventually CD for music.

I did not have it, but Pagers became communication device for teens and adults in 1994. (Like texting to each other in a way)

Wow, I feel ancient. Feels like it was stone-age comparing to what we have now. But I am sure we were advanced comparing to what was in 70s, 60s…

Yes, technology advances very quickly. Just think about past decade even.

Wired internet access to WiFi access, computer lab to mobile cart with classroom set of laptops, white board to Smart board.

It really changed how, what and where you teach. It seems like school became cooperative learning place among teachers and students.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring…



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