Organizing/Productivity Tools

The topic of #saskedchat blogging challenge has come: Share how you stay organized and the tools you use to manage your time and focus on being productive.

When it comes to organizing my schedule, actual calendar that I can write on and schedule/planner book work the best for me. I tried using iPad’s calendar to type in all my appointments and class schedule, but it took me more time to type, re-schedule, etc… so I stopped using it. Diary app did not work either.

But I must say, I cannot live without my iPad mini now.

It is light and small enough to fit in my hand. Whenever I find time, I can do quick access to internet to search of projects, articles, or whatever. Check my Twitter account and join the chat just after my baby’s bed time routine and laying on the bed. Check my email, write my blog, read books, watch YouTube video tutorials, take photos… bunch of photos. Skype, instant messaging and banking.
Plus, everything I have done on my iPad can be simply connected to iCloud and I can work them on my PC, and it works other way around as well.

I do want to utilize more apps to get organized though.
I look forward learning what others use and try some out.




8 thoughts on “Organizing/Productivity Tools”

  1. Thanks for joining the blogging challenge – so looking forward to reading what everyone has to say (and picking up some great ideas!)

    I’m the same way. When I first saw iPads roll out, I didn’t think I’d have a use for them… until I did get one. Now I can’t imagine NOT having one! (I’m not sure that this is a good thing.) A friend was just showing me how she deposits cheques into her TCU account with her Smartphone. My mind was blown…

    Anyway! Looking for apps suggestions! For productivity, @kwhobbes was telling me about Evernote a while ago. I’ve downloaded it but haven’t played around much – but he (and MANY others) swear by it! It might be worth checking out. 🙂 From what I’ve seen, I would have loved to use it while balancing a full semester of assignments + life.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Amy. I have downloaded Evernote too, but haven’t used much to figure things out yet. I better dive into it more.

  2. Hi,
    I’ve been thinking about buying an iPad mini but then I keep thinking “Do I need another device?” Both my son and daughter have one and love them. Hmmmm… something to consider.
    Looking forward to the blogging challenge!

  3. I use my iPad a great deal although there are some things I still like using my laptop to do, like writing blog posts and other writing but for scanning and interacting online, the iPad works very well. Glad to have you join our challenge. I look forward to sharing and learning with you! I do use Evernote a lot for many different things. I mentioned it in my blog post yesterday. There are many different tools to use. The key is to find tools that fit your workflow and help you!

    1. Thank you for your comment, Kelly. I have read your blog post and decided to give Evernote another try. I didn’t get familiarize myself much with it last year when I downloaded. I also want to try pearltrees and flipboard too. They looked visually appealing. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I’m another enthusiastic iPad user. iPad or iPhone, they are always present in my workflow in the classroom and in my planning. In fact I’ve virtually abandoned my personal PC at home. It is not without flaws, but I love being able to dictate information into my iPad. I use voice recognition software to update my Google docs, Evernote files, and indeed I am using it at this moment as I sit with the coffee reading your blog.

    Apple Pages is an application I use exclusively for personal creative writing. It’s a good application but it does not integrate well across platforms so I don’t use it for school documents. I have virtually abandoned Microsoft Word except for whipping together a quick note at school. These days all of my lesson documents are done on Google Drive.

    1. Voice recognition (Siri) is the one I am hesitant to use yet. I’m kinda embarrassed speaking into machine still. But as I hear how you work on everything with it, I am thinking of trying it myself.
      I still love my Word document when I type up my papers, but I upload everything on my Dropbox anyways, so why not use Google Docs I started to think.
      Thanks for your comment!

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