Positive Digital Citizenship

dcThe other day, one simple act of taking a defect item back for exchange to store made me think of what a privilege to have good citizenship where you live. Perhaps because it is a small town and they know where I live and who I married to…etc. the store clerks never questioned whether I was trustworthy of my claim. They laughed with me about the missing medicine in the bottle, wondering how the machine at a factory missed that particular bottle. Then, they gave me a refund since it was the last one on the shelf. On the way home, it made me wonder would it be this easy if it was online store? or if I was not Asian immigrant and perhaps I were First Nations’ person? Would I get treated differently?

To begin my post, here are some definitions I found on dictionary sites.

Person who is entitled to enjoy all the legal rights and privileges granted by a state to the people comprising its constituency, and is obligated to obey its laws and to fulfill his or duties as called upon. Also called national. See also domicile and resident.
Read more: http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/citizen.html#ixzz3QkLFNFAW

1. the state of being vested with the rights, privileges, and duties of a citizen.
2. the character of an individual viewed as a member of society; behavior in terms of the duties, obligations, and functions of a citizen:
an award for good citizenship.
Retrieved from: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/citizenship

And as teachers, we are obligated to teach our students to become engaged citizen.

Students demonstrate confidence, courage, and commitment in shaping positive change for the benefit of all. They contribute to the environmental, social, and economic sustainability of local and global communities. Their informed life, career, and consumer decisions support positive actions that recognize a broader
relationship with, and responsibility for, natural and constructed environments. Along with this responsibility, students recognize and respect the mutual benefits of Charter, Treaty, and other constitutional rights and relationships. Through this recognition, students advocate for self and others, and act for the common good as
After I looked at the above quotes, I started to think it does not matter whether it is actual community you live in or cyber space, I want to be living as a good citizen. I want positive image of myself out in the community I live. However, we do have discrimination in our community. For certain population, they must work extra hard to receive the entitlements that all citizen should have.
So perhaps, would it be easy to create positive digital identity?
I think it is. Because it is so easy to fake it and make things look legitimate on the front.
(Online reviews:Faking It)
I am not saying that we all should fake everything online. What I am trying to say is that we can be authentic and choose what we post online. It is like promoting yourself online.
(I came across with this article through Twitter)
Some seemed worrying about being a teacher means not being able to have fun and cannot share those fun (drinking, partying) moments with other on social media. But do I really want to look back and see myself being stupid and drunk? No. I don’t want any public humiliation on being that where I live, so why do I share on internet?
I believe that words will have soul once it has been spoken and it can influence your or others body, mind, soul and environments both positively and negatively. So does written words. I have been ignorant and hurt my friends with my stupid jokes before and I really regret it still.
Being hidden behind screen, we may feel anonymous and perhaps invincible from outer world. I think I am less shy in cyber space than being in ‘real(?)’ world. I can take my time to think and type my thoughts, I don’t hesitate to say my opinion as much as I am in actual group of people. It is very easy to be rude and bash whatever, whomever on the web and we may thing it’s not a big deal. But I think we really ought to think before and choose our words wisely.
 So can’t I do anything fun and freely? Well, I just need to be cautious and know that my action and words has consequences. Let’s make it positive one!

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