Positive Digital Citizenship – after thought

After my last post, I began to think of how can we help students learn and understand about positive digital citizenship.
As I wrote there, I think it is easy to fake and appear good online but I don’t want students learning to do that. I want them (and us, as well) to be:

  1. honest and genuine about themselves, but remember about protecting their own privacy.
    Be proud of who they are. But be conscious about what to post and what to keep private.
  2. respectful to others, treat others as they want to be treated.
  3. it is not about popularity contest. How they engage in the space matter.
    (How to Increase Your Social Influence – was interesting article about who do we associate and how we engage matters in online space too.)
  4. develop critical thinking skill.
    They need this more than ever. So we, educators, need to provide them with Essential Questions throughout our teaching. I was at the great discussion on Twitter #saskedchat on Feb. 5th. and I learned so much about it. (here is the link to Kelly Christopherson‘s blog: Essential Questions)  

I think I will keep adding to this list. But for now, I better get back to my baby.

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