PLP – journey of becoming great photographer #2

PLPAfter reading the cheat-sheets and watching the YouTube video , I just took some photo of my daughter to see what kind of photo I can take with each mode.
I still had to keep the auto focus on, because I just couldn’t focus well without it.

mode dialI started from A-DEP and went down. It is obvious that I have no skill what so ever to use manual settings right now, because it is dark and fuzzy. Although auto settings should have been easier for anybody to take good photos I am not happy with it either.
I really thought more experimentation is necessary to figure out each setting.

After the first week of my project, I decided to google photography podcast to see if anything would catch my eye, but I have not found right one yet. Plus, the cold is going through our house and my baby being sick, I just did not have time to search as much.
So I did more thinking, what do I want really? What kind of photo do I want to take? What do I want to showcase as my learning?

Well, right now I want to snap as many moment of my daughter’s growth as possible and create memory book of some sort. I also want to learn about PhotoShop. (I just read a tweet about free PhotoShop software. Thanks @lawsonames link)

Now I have better idea of what I want to accomplished through this project. And for coming up week, I hope to find podcast and tutorial for portraits, taking photo of moving subject.


2 thoughts on “PLP – journey of becoming great photographer #2”

  1. You have such an adorable subject… that makes it easy to find motivation to take photos! 🙂 So glad the Photoshop download worked for you. (Sorry, Mac users.) When I was growing up, I loved to do illustrations with a program called Paint Shop Pro, and always wished I could drop the money on full Photoshop. Years later, I finally get to play around with it!

    Your project is inspiring me. My partner has a very nice camera, and I only know how to point and click with it. I panic if I accidentally change the dial on it! I feel like it’s a waste of such a great tool. I’m looking forward to hearing how your experimenting goes and trying some of the settings myself!

    1. Thanks for the comment. It is nice to know someone is following my progress during my learning. It gives me extra motivation to keep going.
      I am still at the point and shoot stage, but hopefully I will be able to adjust my camera for each take, such as shutter speed and light, etc…
      Then the Photoshop!! I am excited about playing around with this program.

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