Creative Control – Journey of Becoming a Great Photographer #3

I have been able to do much of photography for past two weeks due to the cold taking over our home. But I had really good discovery of one website, Canon Outside of Auto.

canonThis site was just what I needed!! It explain about exposure settings (Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO) and what they do to your photo very clearly with great visuals. After I read through LEARN pages, I explored in PLAY. challengeI have never been able to use Manual setting because I had no idea of exposure, however, this practice made it so much easier to learn about good balance of Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO.
Then I did CHALLENGE by adjusting exposure settings to try matching the target photos. I still cannot get 100%, but I now starting to get what it is to take Creative Control of my own photo. So after I played with this website I tried taking few photos.

practice1I think I was able to use depth of field (Aperture) and digital noise (ISO) in these two photo. But it is still difficult to get right photo with motion (Shutter speed).

By next post, I would like to find few photos on Pinterest and study them: guessing what exposure settings were used to take the photos. Then try to take photos of own to match the target photos.




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