Craftsy online class: Journey of becoming a great photographer #5

Why do we choose to learn online? Because we have the access to abundant resources existing on the web, maybe on the planet. There are many that asks for subscriptions and charges $$$ for their information, classes or materials, but you can find things for FREE!!

During my learning process, I realized that finding good learning materials for free can be time consuming. You Google search, then click here and there to see whether it worth looking/reading into the sites. Sometimes you get lucky and find really good resource right away, but you spend lots of time browsing.
I downloaded an iTunes U photography course material last week and I found that reading materials were not inspiring me to work at all. And I read only few lessons on it.

Well, I got lucky this week. Just happened to landed on It was offering a free photography class and it was just what I needed!!

Screen shot from

This Craftsy online class offers video lecture (lesson 1 to 5 with chapters in each lesson) and a discussion forum on the side of the video where subscribers can ask questions to the instructor or fellow classmates. It provides material lists, you can type in notes in the video lecture, you can share your project with fellow classmates.
I think this site might work for me!!

And here are some of my project after watching lesson 2.
(I decided to post my baby’s photos, because I trust my fellow classmates and people who sees her photos.)

First, I chose the brightest room with natural light in the house and got neutral background. I wish I had backdrop of some sort, but the chair and folding screen worked well for this time.

I have used the manual setting without flash for the first one and tried Auto portrait setting (come with flash) to see the comparison. I thought the second photo turned a little cold, so I decided to go with manual. As well, I wanted to give a photo more blurry background.
I went to the Canon website once again to check about exposure.
After quick change of outfit, I tried two different settings. Because the sun moving, the warms of light changed between my shoot. I am happy with third photo, it captured my baby very well. But I like the light and color of fourth photo.

I am going to try Photoshop these four, and see what I can get.

3 thoughts on “Craftsy online class: Journey of becoming a great photographer #5”

  1. First, ADORABLE!!! Beautiful pictures and the manual setting really brought out her rosy cheeks!

  2. Very lovely photos of your daughter! It looks like you are really enjoying your learning project. I’m glad you have found a website that is working for you!

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