Collaboration – Working together

Blog Challenge Week 4 – Collaboration – Working together. What does it mean to work ‘collaboratively’? How can we foster collaboration? Is it important? Why?
First year of my education degree, I was taken back with the amount of assignments requiring group project. I was unsure and even uncomfortable sometimes how group work would work, perhaps because I have never been evaluated as a group in elementary to high school as a student.
I remember having a great time studying together with my friends, asking each other question and learning from each other, but I had this mentality of: “you get what you work for,” and I only needed to work solely for myself. Perhaps many of my classmates also felt same way, dreading about working in groups.`One of the biggest concern we talked about was: if someone in the group will not pull his/her weight and tries to take credit.
Another concern is time. With the busy schedule of classes and work/sports or whatever you committed to, it is dreading to coordinate dates to meet, discuss and work on assignments.
So what happens often is we quickly split workload, work separately on own sections, and put them together at the end to present.
But I wonder, was this true collaboration? What does it really mean to work ‘collaboratively‘?
Dreading feel of group work changed in my second year. I think you need to build good personal learning network for you to be able to work collaboratively in this profession. Getting to know each other and becoming colleagues, collaborators, and allies from classmates who sits beside you; that was the key to enjoy the group work. It enabled to:
  1. Build trusting and secure place to share and discuss
  2. Understand and use each others’ strengths
  3. Communicate casually and frequently with each other using technology (email, texting, Facebook messenger, Facetime, GoogleDoc, WordPress, Evernote, etc.)

As well, it definitely takes away the stresses and dread you had for the group work assignments. Furthermore, collaboration with good PLN will take your work into next level. I can draw pretty good but not gifted in music, but someone is. Collaborative discussion will bring more ideas, creative solutions that you could never imagine.

To end this post, I sincerely would like to thank my colleagues for the great experiences and accomplished works.

From ECE325

From ECS210


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