Spring is here! – My journey of becoming great photographer #7

The important thing to remember when you are taking photo of baby is capturing the moment, I think. Because I cannot request her to smile or pose, she won’t do anything that I want her to do for a photo. I just have to be ready to shoot when the moment comes.

It was warm afternoon and the snow on the deck has cleared away, so it was time for my girl to take a first step on the deck. She was so excited being outdoor and feeling a light breeze on her cheeks. I grabbed the camera and started to shoot, tried to capture this precious moment.

After about 50 shots, I realized that I have not changed the exposure setting from last time I took photo inside the house. But the moment was over, it was getting chilly to stay outside. Well, actually it was not too bad. Over exposed with light, she got nice glow around her and make her look like she is in the heaven, soft and blight. I am really happy with the results.

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