Major Project

I have been thinking about the major project for ECMP455 for past week and still I cannot decide on what to do. Perhaps because there are too many things that I want to try; as well, to think about my family life with my precious daughter and the balance of two. So I decided to start typing here on my blog page and see if the light will shine upon one special project.

To begin my thought, I will write down my journey of living with technology.

My family bought the first Nintendo Family Computer when I was 7 or 8 years old. I did not go crazy about it like my brother did though. He was ‘the’ kid who go above and beyond for these games; he exhibited the extreme intelligence and skills we did not see in his academic career.


There was no computer at schools yet in my days… it was big deal to me when my father brought old word processor from his work to type my paper in high school. (Yet, I found myself it was too much work to type and ended up hand writing my paper…)

I bought my first laptop when I was 23 (in 2000), and started using the ‘internet’ and ‘e-mail.’ The time when you could not spend long time because you tie-up your phone line and your family would be mad at you. Well, I come a long way from a tech-novice to somewhat experienced and trying to embrace technology in classroom for past 16 years.

So what was I going with this post? ah, yes, about my major project. As I am scribbling and revealing how old I am, the light shone my heart.

I need to do learning project. I must keep learning!!

So what am I going to learn? Well, I hope I will have one decided by Wednesday…


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