My Learning Project: Guitar

Yes, I have decided! I am going to become a guitar player. I have always had strong admiration for guitar players since I was little, but I had never really tried to play guitar as young person. I had talked about it to my husband (when I saw the Chordbuddy on Shark Tank, 2012) and he gave me a kid sized guitar (because my hands are small) for Christmas that year. I was very excited about my guitar but I just did not get into it. I thought about taking a guitar lesson in town then, but I was reluctant to do so. Perhaps because I HATED practicing piano when I took it (age 6-11).

I, now, can analyze my reluctance toward practicing piano better…

  1. Practicing the basic skills were boring and I just wanted to learn how to play popular songs.
  2. I did not practice enough to master the basic skills necessary, so the teacher did not approve for playing popular songs.
  3. Teacher wouldn’t let me move on so I wouldn’t want to practice, so I never improved.

Bad cycle… (ahh… this is kind of familiar to some of my students during my internship last fall…) I know I have to practice the basic skills but I think I really need quick and tangible reward (like many young learners are…) So, I came up with my guitar lesson scheme.

  1. No cost = only using YouTube Videos. (Although it is tempting, I will not buy Chordbuddy.)
  2. Motivation 1: Practice songs that can be played with ONE chord at time. (Practicing the basic skills but I can play songs at the same time!)
  3. Motivation 2: I get sing and play with my daughter.
  4. Goal: Play guitar and sing Do Re Me with my daughter.

I found this YouTube channel called, ‘Kids Guitar‘ to start with and I plan to create a Padlet page to organize tasks (videos). I may try video diary but I am not sure how comfortable I will be yet.

Here is my ultimate goal!

4 thoughts on “My Learning Project: Guitar”

  1. Hi Ms. Parker. It’s a good relaxing and exciting project. Oh my husband would like it. He told me few times that he wants to learn to play guitar. May be he can learn from your project. Good luck.

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