Tuning up

Finally, I started my learning project and I decided to learn how to tune my guitar using a clip-on tuner. I viewed the tutorial videos (lesson 1A to 1E) by Andrew Keppie (Kids Guitar Zone.com) today. His videos are short and sweet, easy to follow (and yes, it is for kids), I was able to learn the basics under one hour. As Andrew said in the last video, I think I really need to find 15 min everyday to try practicing my guitar for sure. Because I had hard time remembering the codes (E, A, G, D, C, and E) for each strings even right after I finished tuning guitar and tried to videolog myself. So I needed to go back to videos few times to take some notes.

During I was viewing the video tutorials, an advertisement for music App, called Yousician. This app looks like something I can try easily and it is free to download on my iPad. I hope I can post a review about this app next time.


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