Smoke on the Water

...smoke on the water...//
by Fernando J. Toucedo Urban …smoke on the water…

My learning project has been put off for a while due to my work schedule and caring for a sick child. However, I was able to do a quick review of Lesson-2A video from Andrew’s Kids Guitar and learn a song to play using one string. Great thing about this lesson was the instant gratification; I felt very proud being able to play a song (opening) of ‘Smoke on the Water’ by Deep Purple. This song (opening) is easy enough that I could memorize and I was able to practice when I found time (like 5 minutes) here and there.

Now, I have a big plan now to try utilizing ‘green screen’ video technique Alec talked about in Feb. 8th’s class, so it will look like I am playing with Deep Purple in the video. I am very excited about trying this ‘green/blue screen’ video technique and sharing the technique with my students in my animation after school program at school. (If you are interested in trying Stop Motion animation using iPad with your students, check my Padlet page: Animation Unit. I have posted learning tasks for students to go through.)


3 thoughts on “Smoke on the Water”

  1. My 2.5 years old is sick too. I don’t know what’s going on because I heard sickness is go around from a couple of weeks now. Having said all that, I appreciate that you managed to continue learning. For now it is becoming very tough to take care of one infant and a sick toddler.

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