Just Keep Swimming…

I have this daily ritual (or a bad habit I should say…) of browse through Pinterest, Twitter, or some blog sites for something new to try. I often do this between my homework and checking emails and so on… Oh, this reminds me of the video Alec showed us at PVSD PD day… Single-Tasking Is the New Multitasking: Anyways, I just had to google search this video so I can hyperlink it on this post, multitasking, right? Well, what I have been doing lately reminded me of Dory from Finding Dory I just watched on Netflix this weekend. As I am typing the last sentence, I was thinking about googling Dory and get a website to hyperlink… over stimulated and hyper active, then forget about one thing that I was suppose to do… ah, writing this blog… and I thought I am turning into like Dory and just keep swimming in the cyber space, eventually accomplish my initial task. I apologize for this unorganized blog post. I just wanted to show you how inside of my head is spinning lately.

Okay, let’s return to what I was going to talk about in this post. I found ‘Canva’ today. You can sigh up for free and you can choose to sign in using Facebook or Google, or old fashion email. By the way, I started to sign up using my google account many different sites now, so I don’t have to remember countless passwords. But, I should have look into the safety of signing up using social media accounts though… And, yes, Canva: it makes design easy and looks very professional! you can create presentations, info graphics, images for blog posts, Social Media post and more!


I have been using Microsoft Office programs and Google Docs/Slide for my personal projects, but I think I will be Canva user from now on. I just created this blog graphic in under 5 minutes. Doesn’t it look awesome and professional, like create by a graphic designer? You can also download this as Chrome App, but I think I will use the website for now. ideasfor-your


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