Tweet, tweet…

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I started using Twitter 3 years ago and I used it off and on, usually with my uni classes to share resources or feedback to articles I read and such. I haven’t really used Twitter for my personal life like how I have been using my Facebook page. Something that made me scared about using Twitter to share something personal was because of some devastating stories I heard in classes, and these are some reasons:

  1. My friends do not use Twitter as their SNS platform: I did not think SNS as a way to meet new people. I used it as a way to stay in touch with friends and families in different places.
  2. I felt as if I was controlling my Facebook posts by limiting my audiences; but with the Twitter, I felt like I am throwing my tweets out into the cyberspace and I have no control of where my posts would end up.
  3. I did not understand what # meant yet. (‘What’s hashtag? Isn’t this number key?’)

When I took ECMP355 in winter 2015, this was when I realized the potential of Twitter. I joined #Saskedchat, connected with many Sask. educators and learned from them. Twitter chat allowed me to build my PLN and share many resources. As my daughter grew older, I could not participate in #saskedchat anymore. (8-9pm is her bedtime rituals of brushing teeth, reading books, etc.) However, I was still able to check in here and there to see what people were talking about and check out the resources that were shared.


Screenshot from #ecmpchat

Our #ecmpchat from last week actually gave me a spark to start-up my Twitter habit again. I was very slow to respond to the questions, of course, but adrenaline rush through my body. As being a ‘good’ student, I really wanted to answer all question in a timely fashion and it frustrated me sometimes. However, Amy Martin (@amypmartin) shared her thoughts after the chat that it is okay to be slow and you do not really need to respond to every single question. She mentioned that she really enjoys ‘side conversations’ she has during the chat and that reminded me that I did enjoy replying to tweets during #saskedchat when I was on regularly.



I created an account for classroom use during my internship (@MrsEriParker), hoping to manage two accounts in the same capacity, meaning that I will have same followers and followings with my second account. But I realized that I was starting from zero and I did not know enough # groups for elementary students to share their works. I used #RememberThem in November and #RAKchallenge in December to share students work.

This is something I would like to keep working on, to build my teacher account to be as strong as my personal one. (or merge them into one account somehow…)


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