App Reviews – Summary of Personal Learning

ECMP455 has been the most practical, applicable course I have taken ever. I had something new I tried or wanted to try with students each week. I was very fortunate to have this after school program coordinator job, and I was able to try different apps or techniques.

StopMotion is the easiest app that anybody can use. Especially for elementary school students or beginners, the free version offers simple navigation to create movies. Take series of photos, record, etc. For students who are tech savvy, the free version is not enough and will want to upgrade.

I tried using Scratch Jr. with my Gr. 3 STEM program. I just let students explore first then showed them what coding can do. Some students really got into it but not all. I was frustrated with not being able to screencast iPad onto Smartboard to walk through the program. I have used Scratch with older students, and I like it better than the app.
LEGO is AWESOME! I borrowed Lego Mindstorms kits from the division library and started the program with it. Once again not all students liked it, but the possibilities of Lego in the classrooms are limitless. We did not get into the coding portion for this robotics yet, but I am looking forward trying it out.


WeVideo is a great online video editing tool. I have been using the free version, and it served me well, but now I need an upgrade so because I need more storage.  Chroma Key feature was very easy to use, please read this if you are interested.

Touch Cast Studio is a free app for iPads, you can create videos using templates: annotating web pages, images, maps or file, or different styles of video casts such as News Studio, Talk Show, Business, Sports, How-to videos or Reviews, or simply create your own. I chose this app for my final summary. I was trying to create a talk show like, but I really do not like being on camera… This is something that I need to practice and become more confident in. But, I can see this app work for upper elementary students. I am thinking about organizing a group of students to broadcast the school announcements or the school newscast with this app in future. It will be FUN!

Initially, I planned to create a talk show with 2 characters and wrote a script for it. I did film it as I was switching the characters. I did not like it, so I changed it to the one above. Maybe I should have kept my first one too, but I erased it for my iPad’s storage space. Oh, yes, you do need a good storage space to do the TouchCast recording.

2 thoughts on “App Reviews – Summary of Personal Learning”

  1. Eriko,
    I have really enjoyed reading your blog this semester! I love the talk show theme you did, very cool!
    The green screen you did this semester was very impressive. I enjoyed watching your Summary of Learning and think you did a great job with filming and editing the video. Nice job!

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