Frustrated with Video Editing

Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt (2006) 

The thing is that I do enjoy the technology available to me, but I am FRUGLE! I don’t want to pay big bucks. So I Google here and there between my projects to find suitable programs for free. That means I really need to be critical and skim read information necessary for my needs.

But my frustration level is getting higher and higher as I started to enjoy creating animation on iPad and then to edit them more. iPad apps are made to make money, I know that. So I need to pay for it if I want to get the full service such as video editing and green screen effect. But I did not want to sucked into this in-app purchase. And besides, I really need to work with a small budget for both my personal use and school use.

But it is getting to be much more complicated when you really like the program using a free version, then telling me that I don’t have enough space to upload videos now and need to upgrade = pay for it. I talked about how easy it was to use WeVideo, and I loved it. Well, I do love it, but now I have to pay if I want to do more video editing. I created a short claymation to learn about green screen technique in February. I did not take my time to blog about it, so I wanted to create a tutorial video.

Screen shot WeVideo pricing for School

But, now I cannot use WeVideo!! FRUSTRATED!! Perhaps it is worth paying for it… would you? I guess I can switch to the personal use which is much more cheaper $60 or $96 /yr. But I am going to use enough after this class?


Once again, I googled for other option, free green screen editing. I came across few options.

Adobe Video Spark has a great visual appearance on their website. It sounds like I can create a video in no time and able to share it. But it does not tell me if I can use green screen editing. But I can use this on my iPad and PC seamlessly, and that sounds great to me. I think I will give it a try.

I searched video editor specific to the green screen feature, but it seems like WeVideo is the only one I can use online (without downloading the program) and rest of them are available for download for free or free trial. I decide Movavi video editor a try (7-day trial).


My green screen ‘studio.’

I downloaded the program, and I recorded myself in front of the green screen. I knew the microphone on my laptop is not great so I decide to record using iPad. Well, the recording was easy enough but how can I transfer the videos to my PC? I have been struggling with this sharing videos on iPad with PC for a while now.


First, I tried plugging the iPad into PC with USB cord, and I thought the PC will recognize it as a new device and I can access iPad like a camera. Wrong. Then I decided to upload videos to YouTube account and then download them to PC. It does work, but there should be more easy way to share files between devices… I feel like I am spending so much time figuring out the best/easy ways to do things and not getting things done, which is to showcase my guitar lessons…

Here is one of my recordings in front of the green screen without editing and I will share it again after my editing session.

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