Tablature vs. Chords

As I continue my guitar lessons, I quickly realized that I don’t have a good strength needed to play chords well. I know if I keep practicing it I will be able to do so, but meanwhile, it is painful. So I decided to discuss tablature vs. chords today.

Screenshot from Andrew’s Kids Guitar Zone (

I have been using Andrew’s Kids Guitar Zone YouTube channel, and he uses ‘tablature.’ It is simple because it shows which string and frets I need to use. I think I forgot to explain about the guitar anatomy I learned, so please check my resource. Anyways, it shows similar to how I read music when I learned to play the piano. It makes more sense to me because I actually did not learn about chords when I was taking piano lessons (well over 30 years ago…), and guitar chords really do not make sense to me yet. I hope I get there, but meanwhile, I am sticking to my path to the Fret Master since Yousician lets me practice in three ways: The Lead Guitar Path (frets), Knowledge, and The Rhythm Guitar Path (Chords). I did try working on the Knowledge lesson which was to work out my ear, listen to the sound and then to play it. I am terrible at it right now, I don’t have the guitar sounds in me yet.

I just started to try the Rhythm Guitar Path a couple weeks ago, but as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, it is tough. I am pressing down the strings so hard, and I am usually focusing on it, so my strumming becomes weak. I tried E, Em, and Am. Em is my favorite so far because I can make this sound easily. E and Am are a bit tough for me because I cannot use my pointer finger well enough due to the awkward positioning.

But I would love to be able to master the chords eventually because guitar chords are the basics for playing songs that I want to learn. I just keep trying until my fingers toughen up.

Chords from

I found this website that shares over a million songs with guitar tabs and chords. I got myself a chord for Do-Re-Mi I wanted to master as I talked about it in my first post. I don’t think I will get there right now but I am hoping that I can post a video of me singing and playing Do-Re-Mi with my daughter in near future.


Screenshot from 

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