Summary of Learning, Part 2

Our last day of class, we gathered together with ECMP355 class and shared our learning journeys. We did not have enough time to watch all of our summary of learning, but there were some new programs that I wanted to try in my future classrooms.

Carmelle had shared her Summary of Learning! created using StoryJumper: a digital storybook creator. I have used Storybird, another digital storybook creator, with my Gr. 5 ELA during my internship. My students were very excited about publishing their stories online at first, but soon they expressed their frustrations with this program. Although the artworks on Storybird are beautiful and inspiring, you can only choose one set of artworks. You cannot switch the set of artworks, and you face the limited selections, which I did not know about. Some students wanted to add their own drawings but they couldn’t because I did not know how to become the contributor. However, StoryJumper allows users to add their own photos, graphics, and artworks; moreover, voice recording!! This program looked much more exciting and appropriate for elementary schools for sure!

Although I have been enthusiastic about #Edtech and new online learning tools and opportunities to try out in classrooms, I often thought about the digital divide that persists in my own community in one corner of my head. I started to realize that it is not about the availability of devices among families anymore, but rather it is the lack of digital literacy for school purpose (and confidence) among teachers. The devices and programs available are not being utilized to full potential.

At the end of our class, Alec and Katia shared three videos of the summary of learning from ECI834. These three videos blew my mind and I just cannot stop thinking about ‘blended learning/classroom model.’ In schools, desktop computers have been replaced with laptops or iPads (mobile carts); thus, it enables us to foster this model. We should be incorporating available technologies and devices to differentiate students’ learnings and assessments.

To end this post, I just wanted to share the videos from ECI834 class.

First, from Andres

Then, from Graham

Finally, from Logan

Khan Academy is awesome. I found resources for blended learning

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