My Teaching Philosophy

I believe all children have ideas, messages and desire to express them. It is my job to teach them essential tools to do so, such as oral, written, physical and visual representations to express. As well, it is my responsibility to provide safe and inviting space to do so.
I believe all children are capable beings and colourful, possess their own colour to contribute creating our lives as canvas. It is my job not to muddle or change their colours; instead, I will assist them to infuse with new colours by exploring and discovering, they will find their own colour.

I also believe all children are born curious and full of wonder. As well, they learn using their all senses. It is my job to offer and invite them various opportunities to foster their senses and become engaged and competent being.
I am an immigrant – it is my duty to stand strong for multiculturalism and teach for diversity. I will honor and respect where my students and their families come from; as well, welcome their culture and values into my classroom to share. It is my duty to create a classroom where they will feel a sense of safety and belonging.
I am a learner – it is important for me to learn and understand about my students and their families, as well as the community I will be working in. By learning about students, families and community, I will be able to create safe and meaningful learning environment to invite them in. It is also important for me to search and try for improvement in any subject. To keep up with fast pace world and constant changes in our lives, I will not be afraid to change my acquired knowledge; instead, I will adapt and modify to suit current and future needs. I believe teaching and learning occurs side by side, thus I, as a teacher, work and learn alongside of students.
I am a leader – it is my duty to guide and lead my students’ journey of schooling as a person who has lived longer and been experienced instead of being expert of subject. By working through the curriculum materials, I want students becoming to know various subjects to satisfy their curiosities. In addition, I want students to explore the possibilities in the subject matter by challenging them to think critically and analyze the materials.
I am a stage manager – with my belief of children are capable beings, I believe it is important for me to step back and let students work things on their own. In some cases, students will be more knowledgeable than others (including teachers) in some area. It is important for me to create opportunities for students to learn from each others’ ideas and experiences; as well to create corporative social environment. Thus, it is my job as a stage manager, I have stage, props or any other needs met for students to perform their best in my classroom.

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