Equity vs. Equality: #saskedchat Mar. 19th

Wow, what a great discussion on equity and equality happened in #saskedchat tonight. One hour chat seemed too short to get my thoughts out, so I decided to reflect on this topic tonight while my baby is sleeping peacefully.

To start my reflection, I tried making my first Storify story using tonight’s #saskedchat twitter discussion. I picked a few posts that struck my attention.


Is there difference between Equity and Equality?

I thought,
Equality: all people will receive same thing whether they need or not.
Equity: individuals will get what they need but not necessarily same things for each person.

There were mention of equity=fair and equity=unfair during the chat, and I think it is hard to convince equity as fair. For example, school can provide snack to every single students, say an apple a student, fair and square. However, whole apple maybe too big for a kindergartener and he/she will throw the half away; but one apple may not enough to eat for a 8th grader and he/she will be still hungry. Don’t we want everybody to have enough to eat? So what is ‘fair’?

As teachers, we ought to provide learning opportunity equally to all students. But we shouldn’t assume everyone can do things equally. We need to learn about individuals’ strengths and weaknesses, and provide extra supports to make leveled learning ground.
alan tweetAlan mentioned about calculator example that equity is hard to be accepted by students. I think because there is assumption of equal=fair; as well, the strong belief of all people are equal.side tweet

I thought those tweets on the right said it all.


So how can we truly have equity in school and how do teachers/schools convey the message of equity to parents/community?

We need collaborative efforts of teachers, parents and communities to create true equity in schools. We really need to challenge the ideal belief of all people are created equal. But at the same time, I would like to believe that we are all equal. dave tweetI like what Dave posted during the chat. Perhaps we can achieve true equality of all, if we work hard toward equity in schools, communities and society.