My dreams under your feet – Journey of becoming a great photographer #4 2/2

Continued from part 1.

After the guessing work was done, I dove right into taking photos. I was really excited about this photo, thinking about printing it out on canvas or something nice. But I did not know how hard it was to take photo of baby feet.

First, I laid my girl on the floor with a toy in her arm, hoping she would raise her feet up in the air just like the original photo. But no, she wouldn’t. I tickled her tummy and shake some toys but no. So my husband came in for a rescue. He raised her feet up and said “Go!” “No-, she put her feet down!” “Again!” “GO-!” “AGAIN!!” “Do it NOW!” “Awww”

IMG_5331  IMG_5332



And here are the results… nothing close to my inspiration photo. I was so discouraged.

I guess hard part of leaning photography online is, everything is guess work in the end. You read and you think you understand about exposure, but photography is about the moment. You are trying to capture the split second of happenings and especially trying to shoot moving subject (=baby) is hard for beginner. I have taken few that I am proud of, but those are products of luck.
I wonder what would’ve been the results like if I had someone beside me coaching how to shoot this particular photo. Perhaps same, but maybe the someone can give me some advice what I can do next time.

This week’s reflection:

  • My living room is not suited for photo shoot. Not enough natural light coming in.
  • Perhaps baby as my subject is little too advanced. I really cannot control her as I intend.
  • Perhaps I should practice photographing landscapes or still objects.

I have download iTunes U and Digital Photography on my iPad mini for next week. Let’s see what this will give me.



My dreams under your feet – Journey of becoming a great photographer #4 1/2

As I made myself a homework this week, I am questioning myself about my subject being my baby girl. In our class, we discussed about the digital citizenship and safety, but now it is making me to rethink about sharing my baby photos.

Am I violating my girl’s right for her privacy? Am I putting her in danger by posting her photos, so some random people will misuse the photos?

So I decided to pick example photo for me to try re-create that is a neutral without a face from Flickr.

Baby by gabi menashe

First, I went back to the Canon website’s PLAY and tried to figure out what exposure settings this photo was taken with. I came with Aperture 2.8, Shutter Speed 1/750 sec and ISO 1600 as my best guess.

guess shot

Well, great thing about picking example photo from Flickr is that photographer posts their camera settings.

model1Screenshot from Frickr, Baby by gabi menashe

My guess was quite off from the actual settings the photo was taken… But I am going to try taking photos from both settings and I would like to compare them in my next post.

To be continued…



Personal Learning Project – Journey of becoming a great photographer Week 1

For many years there have been few different things I always wanted to learn and be better at: playing guitar and taking beautiful, cool photographs.
To help my ambition, my husband had bought me a DSLR (Digital Single-lens Reflex) camera and a guitar for my Christmas gifts in the past. Yet, I have not really taken any initiative to learn them. So when this class started, I was kind of excited to start this project; however, which one?

I have had this Canon Rebel T3 for over 5 years and only thing I’ve been doing is point and shoot. I experimented on my own without reading the manual for all these time, and that has given me médiocre results. Now I have beautiful daughter as my model, I better be a great photographer for the sake of capturing her precious life!
Plus, I don’t think can practice my guitar while holding her… maybe later.

To start my project, I Google searched about my camera first. And here are the result.
I hope I will know a whole at better about my own camera.


  1. Cheat Sheet
  2. For Dummies
  3. YouTube videos