Yousician guitar lesson progress

I have talked about some positives of using Yousician in the past, and I want to add a couple more things I learned about this app.

  1. E-mail progress report: it will provide you a snapshot of your progress. As you can see, I have been working on my fretting positions.
    Screenshots of Yousician email report, edited using Paint

    2. Weekly Challenge: it was 2 songs practicing 2 ways: frets and chords. I did try fret exercises, but I found that the beat for ‘Funk’ was not in my body. I just couldn’t get it. I need to get used to the Funky beats.

    Weekly Challenge Email

    3. Certificate: PDF downloadable certificate was sent to my mailbox. I am not going to print it out, but it did give me a little bit of tickle in my heart.

    Screenshot – certificate of completion

    I am not sure if these features would motivate you, but it did for me a little bit. The weekly report reminded me when I did not practice much in a week and I did try practice more in following week.

Tablature vs. Chords

As I continue my guitar lessons, I quickly realized that I don’t have a good strength needed to play chords well. I know if I keep practicing it I will be able to do so, but meanwhile, it is painful. So I decided to discuss tablature vs. chords today.

Screenshot from Andrew’s Kids Guitar Zone (

I have been using Andrew’s Kids Guitar Zone YouTube channel, and he uses ‘tablature.’ It is simple because it shows which string and frets I need to use. I think I forgot to explain about the guitar anatomy I learned, so please check my resource. Anyways, it shows similar to how I read music when I learned to play the piano. It makes more sense to me because I actually did not learn about chords when I was taking piano lessons (well over 30 years ago…), and guitar chords really do not make sense to me yet. I hope I get there, but meanwhile, I am sticking to my path to the Fret Master since Yousician lets me practice in three ways: The Lead Guitar Path (frets), Knowledge, and The Rhythm Guitar Path (Chords). I did try working on the Knowledge lesson which was to work out my ear, listen to the sound and then to play it. I am terrible at it right now, I don’t have the guitar sounds in me yet.

I just started to try the Rhythm Guitar Path a couple weeks ago, but as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, it is tough. I am pressing down the strings so hard, and I am usually focusing on it, so my strumming becomes weak. I tried E, Em, and Am. Em is my favorite so far because I can make this sound easily. E and Am are a bit tough for me because I cannot use my pointer finger well enough due to the awkward positioning.

But I would love to be able to master the chords eventually because guitar chords are the basics for playing songs that I want to learn. I just keep trying until my fingers toughen up.

Chords from

I found this website that shares over a million songs with guitar tabs and chords. I got myself a chord for Do-Re-Mi I wanted to master as I talked about it in my first post. I don’t think I will get there right now but I am hoping that I can post a video of me singing and playing Do-Re-Mi with my daughter in near future.


Screenshot from 

Smoke on The Water (Green Screen edition)

As I have promised, I created a video of me playing guitar with the Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water live video. And I am going to explain my process of setting up this video.


Screen shot from my YouTube account
  1. I recorded myself playing guitar in front of my green screen studio (one corner of my office) using iPad.
  2. Upload the video to my YouYube account, set as private. It took about 20-30 minutes to upload.
  3. Download my video from YouTube account into my PC. I was able to download from Video Manager in Creator Studio.
  4. Searched for the song and downloaded it using into my PC.
  5. Open Movavi and started my movie editing.
  6. Fiddling around with a little bit at first, but it was a simple operation to add media and using green screen effect.
  7. A tough part of editing was to match up the tempo of my guitar and the original Deep Purple song. I learned that I should have played guitar while listening to this song instead of trying to adjust it later. I had to speed up my guitar up to 120%, but still, it did not match up quite right.
  8. Added ‘opening’ and ‘end’ using the text tool.
  9. Export it to my PC and YouTube. It took about 45 minutes to export the video. And YouTube needed more time to process my video as well.
Screenshot of my desktop

I do like this program. Beautiful and straightforward. I may consider for purchasing activation key after my 7-day-trial.

And now presenting my performance with Deep Purple, Smoke on the Water.

FYI: don’t forget to press ‘PUBLISH’ after uploading your video onto YouTube. I had to re-do it because I forgot to do so last time…