I have been working on Amination projects with upper elementary students for past 5 months. Students are using StopMotion app on iPads and exploring the world of claymation. It has been so much fun for them and me. But there has been a big problem, transporting files between devices: Mac and PC. IT service tells us to use cloud space, but it was not easy to upload video files to ownCloud that the school division set up did not work for me. So my choices were to save to the Camera Roll on iPad, upload videos to YouTube or other editing programs such as iMovie or WeVideo. I tried YouTube video editor too, which was quite snazzy.

Well, complaints of not having a smooth transfer of files and documents between devices from other teachers in upper grades (and me) were heard and the division set up the pilot program: Apple Classroom. Now students and teachers must log in to use this service of saving documents and files in own cloud space, then to access them on any device they can connect to. Teachers also can have more control over what students use (apps) or block the access if necessary.

I am excited to give it a try, but I know there are some resistances from primary teachers. Setting up the login password for each student will take time and need to provide many coaching in the beginning of this process. Say they have 30 minutes booked for iPads but students may take 5-8 minutes just to log in first. Then they need to log-off, so teach that process and students may take 5-8 minutes. So how many minutes students actually spend on iPad? 15-20 minutes. But I know that primary teachers haven’t been using the iPads in ways that can be utilized in the school I work. They have been using iPads for Mathletics and Reading or as a reward (educational games) instead of fostering creativity. I know that Seesaw is known as a powerful tool to share students learning with parents. This can be a great way for the primary grades to start empowering their own learning.