Summary of Learning

It is hard to believe that it is almost the end of semester. The time just flew by… perhaps because I was having awesome time trying out new programs and expanding my learning network through #saskedchat. Twitter chat enable me to join the conversation with veteran teachers without being nervous about hierarchical relationships. I think Twitter’s limitation of word count works as an advantage in this situation.
And here are my storify stories: Equity Vs. Equality, Passion into your classroom.

“Portrait of a Beauty Blogging, after Chikanobu Toyohara by Mike Licht, on Flickr”

My blogging started since I’d taken ECS210 last year and I haven’t kept it up mostly because I was busy with my newborn, but I am so glad that I took ECMP355 this semester.
Blogging has become great reflective writing tool for me. I still have a problem of finding time to sit down but I am getting better at it. Luckily, blogging lets me to write and save, then come back later to finish up. This process also lets me critical and reflective of myself.
Blogging Challenge from #saskedchat has given me some extra inspiration to write and I gained great asset of getting feedback from veteran educators. (here)
I also started to follow and read members’ blog sites. Reading about what’s happening, struggles or successes in their classrooms or schools from aspiring teachers is such a treat.
I will definitely try to keep up with this challenge, as well the chat every Thursday at 8pm for maintain, even expanding my learning network.

“THINK before you by Thomas Galvez, on Flickr”

One thing that I forgot to mention in my summary of learning scratch project is about digital citizenship. ECMP355 class really made me conscious about digital citizenship; creating myself a positive and professional one (here is what I wrote on positive citizenship) and become reflective of the nine elements whenever I post something.

Edtech and social justice session have made me think about how can I teach digital citizenship and creating equity among all students. This will be my ongoing project for the rest of my teaching career.

To end my reflection, I created ‘Scratch’ animation.



So Twitter has become a great source of my personal learning network and I did not realized how powerful it is until tonight.

After Twitter chat #ecmp355 in Tuesday’s class, I started to follow Amy(@lawsonames) who teaches Great two. (I happened to know her from ECE325 last year as well as from ARC summer camp in 2008. ) And tonight, she had tweeted me for the invite of #saskedchat.


I anticipated in the action of Twitter chat whether I would be able to keep up with the speed and the levels of conversation between the participants.
But I did not need to worry too much, because they were so welcoming group of people.

The chat opened with introduction of participants and link to their blog sites. I just didn’t have much time to open all of the links during the chat; because you don’t want to be missing the action of the Twitter chat, so I look forward checking them out later on.

One comment struck me was the answer to Q2. What are some topics for teachers that can help them overcome the hesitancy to blog? @webbkyle said “How about post their best or worst lesson, look for feedback. Share and watch the magic happen.”
I realized I was very conscious of building positive digital footprint, but it meant that I must be the best of myself and not make any mistake. I was afraid of receiving negative feedback or appearing foolish. This connects to the 4th question: Why is it important is it for Ss & Ts to have an authentic audience? Because the audience will give authentic feedback to your posts and enable to learn whether their feedback is positive or negative.

Well, the hour went by really fast and I wished I could stop the time so I could catch up reading all the posts. Hopefully I will be better at it eventually.